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    Internet, Software &
    Corporate Solutions
    Your partner when comes to ICT
    No matter what your needs in ICT are, we are here to assist, analyze
    design, develop, implement and deliver a tailor-made solution.
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    Web Development
    Software Development
    Hosting and Domains
    Digital Marketing
    Corporate Consulting
    Funding and Proposals
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    6axis Web Platform
    Business Intelligence | Content Management
    6axis is a custom-made web platform created by SoftBOT providing solutions
    for Content Management, E-Commerce Management, Business Intelligence and many more...

Welcome to SoftBOT. Your partner when comes to ICT.

We are offering internet, software and corporate solutions to any type of companies in any place of the world.

Web Development

SoftBOT can design, develop and maintenance your personal or corporate website, portal and e-shop, managed by our own CMS system called 6Axis CMS.

Software Development

Our developers are ready to analyze, create and deliver any software you might need. With our experience and expertise, we can do anything!

Hosting and Domains

With our latest technology servers, located in high speed data centers across Europe, we can provide you with dedicated, virtual or shared hosting.

Digital Marketing

Be part of the social media world in a professional way and take advantage of the millions of users by using our digital marketing know-how.

Corporate Consulting

SoftBOT offers consultancy services to any type of company in any industry. Our experts can help you in the decision-making process regarding ICT matters.

Funding and Proposals

Need an ICT partner in your next funding proposal or an expert to help you find, choose and submit a proposal? ICS and SoftBOT can help you succeed!

More About Us

Who we are and what we do...

Of the major strengths and advantages of our company is to design and provide comprehensive innovative services to individuals, businesses and public organizations. These services include all stages of the production process, from identification of user requirements to final delivery and after sales customer support. Some of our key differentiators are:

  • Over 14 years of experience in ICT.
  • Professionalism is our major keyword.
  • Experienced in executing big projects.
  • Strict adherence to quality standards.
  • Dedicated after sales customer support.
  • Deep knowledge in diverse fields.
  • Exploiting the full potentials of ICT.
  • Cost effective services with impart value.
  • Fast project turnaround time.
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Showcase of Our Work

This is Our Latest Work

See a small sample of what we were doing the last few years for our customers. We successfully delivered corporate websites, e-commerce portals, e-learning platforms, news aggregation software, plus client-server applications, social media campaings and many more... We also created products like Content Management System and Business Intelligence Platform.

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The most easy, valuable and viable Business Intelligence solution for any business!

Business Intelligence Platform | Data Warehouse | Innovative Performance System

We Make Your Smile

Our Great Team

The people in SoftBOT are highly trained professionals, knowledgeable and well-informed about the rapidly growing and fully competitive market of ICT. SoftBOT chooses people who can fully absorb the company's philosophy and also able to take initiatives, be creative and be innovative through continuous professional development for the future improvement of their area.

Vassilis Dontas, MSc Managing Director

Vassilis Dontas has worked in a variety of private companies having the role of the manager of the IT team. Six years...

Christina Chinas, PhD Research & Development

Dr. Christina Chinas has worked in the private, public and academic sectors in different locations within the EU...

We are currently involved in project related to:

Web Development
Software Development
Digital Marketing

6axisCMS is a web application used for managing websites in every aspect!

It provides features for customizing web pages, tracking analytics and handling e-commerce functionalities.