6axisCMS - Content Management

Create and customize web pages, track analytics and handle e-commerce functionalities.

6axisCMS - Content Management

6axisCMS is a web application used for monitoring websites in every aspect and in every level. It provides features for customizing web pages, tracking analytics and insights, accessing database records, plus many more described in below sections, and all of these in one completed web application.

6axisCMS is a web application used for monitoring websites in every aspect and in every level. It provides features for customizing web pages, tracking analytics and insights, accessing database records, plus many more described in below sections, and all of these in one completed web application.

Solutions for all types of Users

6axisCMS is suitable for every kind of users. Either you are an expert or a beginner you can easily do the tasks offered in a very straightforward way. Our support team is accessible through email, chat or telephone according to your subscription. Moreover, if you wish to have more dedicative support, our partners' network is there to help you. They can offer services as web design, e-commerce design or database design and connect them to 6axisCMS, ready to be used from you or your customers.

Hosted Solution, Nothing to Install

6axisCMS is hosted in one of the most reliable, professional and secured data centers across Europe. Our servers using cloud technologies, based on HyperV and VMWare solutions, and are replicated in three different locations among three countries, giving our users 99.99% uptime for their services. All this structure is monitored 24/7 by our team of experts which includes authorized professionals in Window technologies. 6axisCMS is installed on these servers and you can access your account from anywhere and anytime. There is nothing to install, thus makes it really fast to start using our services. Each time we make an upgrade or just an update in 6axisCMS, you have this upgrade or update instantly available to your account.

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Main features

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Ajax and jQuery Capabilities

6axisCMS is designed and developed using plenty of Ajax and jQuery libraries, making the management of your website an easy and very comforting procedure. You will be surprised on how tasks you considered as very complex and time consuming, can be completed in less than a minute and in a very joyful way. 6axisCMS also uses these libraries to provide advanced effects and animations, to handle events and serve them transparently without needing to refresh the page, plus many more for your convenience and your support.

WYSIWYG Html Editor

WYSIWYG Html Editors provide an editing interface which resembles how the page or content will be displayed in a web browser. 6axisCMS offers this editor in the form of browser extensions and allows you to edit your content directly within your web browser. The use of a WYSIWYG editor, which is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get, doesn't require any HTML knowledge, thus makes it easier for an average user to create content equivalent to the ones created by a professional web designer or developer.

Multiple-Language Support

6axisCMS supports multilingual content and it's in your hands to select which ones from a collection of 28 languages you want to use in your website. The way it works is very straightforward, as can you firstly select the primary language of your content and then select as many languages you may want as secondary. After that, each time you add new content, 6axisCMS provides you the ability to add translated content to other languages in parallel with the original one and then to monitor in which languages translation is ready.

Scheduled Tasks and Actions

6axisCMS provides mechanisms for scheduling forthcoming tasks and monitor them, with the help of hourly, weekly and monthly calendars. You can easily schedule an addition, deletion or modification of your content, to program a massive email or SMS campaign, to start displaying banners in your website for an advertising campaign or even schedule a 24-hours sales campaign by enabling and accepting vouchers for limited period. As already mentioned, you can track all these tasks and actions with the help of calendar functionalities.

Import from External Sources

6axisCMS allows data importing from external sources, like Text files (*.txt), Comma-separated Values files (*.csv) and Excel files (*.xls or *.xlsx). This can be done by pre-configuring into 6axisCMS the format of the content of each file and mapping the importing data with an existing table handled by 6axisCMS. After that, each time you want to massively add data from an external source, the only thing you have to do is to upload the file and you can leave the process to be completed by 6axisCMS mechanisms.

Images and Videos Gallery

6axisCMS offers an easy to use and very effective way to handle and manage media, like images and videos. It supports all well-known types of file like PNG, GIF, JPG, FLV, MP4 and many more. As it concerns images, you can pre-define acceptable types and sizes and then, with the help of comprehensive tools, to upload, resize, crop and finally assign images to products, members, sliders and etc. As it concerns videos, you can either upload or type the link associated with a YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or any other video provider.

Charts and Graphs

6axisCMS stores data regarding customers and members, purchases and sales, products and services, plus collecting analytics and insights from multiple sources, as Google and Facebook. All these information are available to you for analysis and evaluation by using a plethora of charts and graphs based on Flash and JavaScript technologies. We offer line, area, column, bar, pie and doughnut charts and we keep updating our system with new ones. You can also make your own queries based on stored data and display the results as chart or graph.

Google Analytics Integration

6axisCMS includes many powerful analytics features, providing daily snapshots or measuring performance regarding sales, revenue, visitors, conversion rate and many more. However, it's nothing but useful to have all of your analytics in one place and this is why we integrated 6axisCMS with Google Analytics. Now, information regarding pageviews, average visit duration, bounce rate, pages / visit, plus visitors' demographics, traffic sources and content are displayable and reachable using lists, graphs and charts.

Facebook Insights Integration

6axisCMS is fully integrated with Facebook Insights. In just 1 minute, you can link related Facebook Page with 6axisCMS and view, with the help of lists, graphs and charts, total fans, total friends of fans, total reaches, unread notifications and messages, plus daily, weekly and monthly growth of your page. Moreover, you can see what is happening to Facebook with your competitors and view side by side statistics and other important information.

Marketing Tools

6axisCMS provides marketing tools, making easier the communication between your website and your users. You have the ability to create email messages with the help of WYSIWYG editor or SMS messages and store them into the system. These messages can be newsletters, promotions, notifications and anything else that you might need to share with your users. You can create specific groups of receivers based on parameters, and then, when you wish, to send specific messages to specific groups or to easily schedule the date and time of delivery.

6axisCMS - Content Management

Create and customize web pages, track analytics and handle e-commerce functionalities.

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