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E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

We design highly professional and technologically sound e-commerce portals, and like any responsible website design and development company, we are well-aware of the internet securities. Moreover, we are experts in the field of internet security…

If you are planning to sell your products online, the first thing that you would need is a ecommerce solution. An effective ecommerce solution can help you scale up your customer base and increase your revenue. Outsource your ecommerce web site design requirements to SoftBOT and see your visitors turn into customers.

We, at SoftBOT, have years of experience in meeting the ecommerce software requirements of companies across Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom and other EU countries. If you are looking for expert ecommerce business solutions, choose us as your partner and watch your business grow to new heights. We can provide you with a secure C2C, B2B, C2B or B2C ecommerce platform which is scalable and cost-effective.

With extensive experience in software development, communication design and data management along with a profound understanding of how online security protocols work, we can design and develop a customized ecommerce solution for your business.
Taking your business online can transform your interaction with your customers and help you stay competitive. With a successful ecommerce solution, you can increase your customer base, improve your customer services, minimize your operating costs and create new market opportunities. You can also see an increase in your revenue, build customer loyalty and provide your customers with a better buying experience.

At SoftBOT, we have a team of experienced and trained software professionals who have been successfully meeting the ecommerce business needs of customers across different industry verticals. Our team can provide you with a custom ecommerce solution that will meet your business challenges. The team at SoftBOT can build an online store by using XML, ASP, PHP, RTML or ASP.Net.

E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Development


Expand your customer reach across the world

Scale Up

Scale up your online business faster than you would scale up an offline business


Focus more on your marketing your core business

Reach Out

Reach out to new customers who prefer buying products online


See an improvement in your sales performance


Experience a higher success rate in your marketing initiatives


Benefit from increased customer satisfaction


Sell your products/services in a cost-effective manner

Why choose us?

We always deliver more than expected

Speed and Flexibility

Our experienced team and our access to the latest technologies empowers us to provide high quality customized solutions at the earliest. Our flexibility accommodates changes and additions during the course of work.

Commitment and Secrecy

The dedicated service of our professionals is available "all-round-the-clock" to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. In addition, software containing sensitive intellectual property is handled with utmost secrecy.

Advanced Software Development

The application of the most advanced software development tools and technologies available in the market, help us to keep pace with the ever-evolving trends in quality software development.

Team of Experts

Besides being well versed in commercial and application software development, the team is also equipped in developing customised digital strategy and solutions.

Reliability and Quality

SoftBOT delivers the highest quality software solutions protecting our clients from any risk. Our excellent team of software developers offer the quality that SoftBOT promises.

Competitive Pricing

SoftBOT is extremely competitive and comprehensive. SoftBOT provides more value for money, which gives you more out of your software budget.

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